Walsall V Bradford City: match photos

Walsall 0 – 2 Bradford City

©Claire Epton.3

©Claire Epton.4

©Claire Epton.5

©Claire Epton.6

©Claire Epton.7

©Claire Epton.8

©Claire Epton.9

©Claire Epton.10

©Claire Epton.11

©Claire Epton 2013

©Claire Epton.13

©Claire Epton.

©Claire Epton.14

©Claire Epton.15

©Claire Epton.16

©Claire Epton.17

©Claire Epton.18

©Claire Epton.19

©Claire Epton.21

©Claire Epton22

©Claire Epton24

©Claire Epton29

©Claire Epton27

©Claire Epton25

©Claire Epton30


6 thoughts on “Walsall V Bradford City: match photos”

  1. Only just seen these, wow, what fantastic pictures! Love the ones of Reid’s celebrations and the Hanson ones are amazing!

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