Here comes the Bride…

Back in May I joined Mark and his beautiful bride, Nicola, to capture their special day.  The wedding took place at the Hospitium, located in the stunning Museum Gardens in York.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and not even the rain could dampen their spirits!

     A quick photo with the beautiful Bride, her mum and bridesmaids.

Meanwhile, a few photos with the not-so nervous Groom…

So calm! This was Mark trying to look nervous!
Still no nerves, even as the bride was about to walk down the aisle!

No going back now…..

The look of love…

You may kiss the bride…

A toast…
“To the Bride and Groom”

Not even the rain could dampen the newly – weds spirits!

We made the most of the funky wellies and umbrellas that Nicola had bought!

I had strict orders to get a photo of Mark with the ever-so friendly squirrels!!

One of my favourite photos taken today. I think the umbrellas add a little something to the photo.

I love this one too!

By the ruins in the beautiful Museum Gardens.

In the stunning Museum Gardens

Mark was a happy man with his nuts and ball…….?!

Flashing the wellies…

The rain wasn’t going to stop us having fun with the photos!

      The Bride went on a mission round York to find the perfect frame for this photo.                                                           Mission completed!

I love the black & white version too!

I love how the tree and flowers frame the beautiful Bride and Groom.

Confetti covered kisses!

I DO!!

Wedding rings

I love the expression on Marks face!

Tears of happiness

I love this picture and think the bold red background really enhances the photo!

Something you want to tell us, boys??!!

It was such a beautiful day, and enjoyed by everyone.  I loved how relaxed and creative Mark and Nicola were when it came to the photographs, and think my favourite photos were when we were having fun in the rain!

Congratulations Mark and Nicola Gunn



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