Bradford Bulls – Boxing training session

I have been working with the Bradford Police and College Boxing Academy for a few months now, photographing the Boxers as they go about their daily training sessions.  They have recently moved into a new £300,000 training facility, which also sees many other Athletes using the Boxing equipment.  Some of the Bradford Bulls Rugby Players came along today to carry out a training session, and I was on hand to photograph them.  A selection can be seen below.  Thoughts comments and feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Enjoy!!  x


2 thoughts on “Bradford Bulls – Boxing training session”

  1. Great photos, but rather spoiled for me by the obtrusive copyright notice, I’m afraid.

    I think I may be more sensitive than most to that, since most photographers seem to do this (although few other visual artists do), but I really think it gets in the way.

    1. Thanks Phil, fair point, although it was intentional. Usually I don’t put my copyright on as I have already re-sized, but given that they are well known Rugby players people are maybe more likely to steal the photos. I know of someone that photographs bands, and displays his copyright mark at the bottom of his images. Someone stole his photos, cropped it off and posted it somewhere as their own!!

      But thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.

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