FEVA – Festival of Entertainment and Visual Arts

I contacted  FEVA last August to volunteer and help out with the photography side of the magnificent 10 day festival that is held each year.  I hoped it would give me a chance to work on my photography skills before starting Uni.  I had such a great time that I volunteered to go back and help again this year.  Last year I was still shooting on the cameras automatic setting, so I am really pleased that this year I was able to do it all manually and choose the settings myself.

Below are a few of my favourite photographs from the Scarecrow competition, held at Knaresborough Allotments.  I also couldn’t resist taking pictures of some of the amazingly coloured flowers that were growing there (colours of flowers haven’t been edited, they were honestly that bright and amazing!).

As always, thoughts comments and feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Enjoy!!  x

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