For my project I have decided to focus on children and their natural emotions and reactions.

I began my project using my friends two young girls.  The first few pics from that photo shoot are on here to view, however, I felt it was going no where and didn’t really have a theme or story to tell.

I encountered a few problems, such as using a child that was too old for what I was trying to achieve.  They were more aware of the camera being there, and so made it much harder to get natural shots.

Other problems included not always having access to the children when I wanted to, childrens moods, not being able to stay long enough to get the pictures I needed etc.  The above listed and more made it hader to meet deadlines.

I came up with a few different ideas within my chosen subject, one of which was to do staged/posed photographs Versus natural photographs using 4 different children, all of different ages.

In the end I decided to use just 1 child and document a typical evening at home.  It went a little like this…….

Play time!!

In the Garden!!

Chilling out!!

Laughing at Auntie Claire's rubbish jokes




Cuddles with mummy!!